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Licensed Professional Counselor


Professional Counselor since 2009.  10 Years experience in the social work field. Continuing Education interest in the field of Trauma, Grief, Mindfulness, and Bio-Feedback.

National Board Certified Counselor


Proud member of the recognized leader in counselor accreditation.  The NCE is one of the most difficult certifications for the master's level specialization exams. On this site you will find my ethical guidelines for practice.  

Master of Education

M.Ed. from Slippery Rock University

Class of 2008.

Multiple conferences with distinguished faculty; all leaders in their field of expertise.  

Chronological Experience

Community Mental Health

Working with kids, adults, couples, and supervisor to multiple masters level students.

Outpatient Mental Health provider with an agency in the Butler county (PA). Before the official designation of Licensed Professional Counselor, experience must be earned.  I spent my time developing the counselor skills that would propel my interpersonal, group, couples, marriage, relationship therapy into the current form of treatment I endorse. Without this experience of community mental health, I would not be the mental health professional I am today. I had the most supportive supervisors I could ask for. 

Mental Health in the School

Working with Kids:

 I was asked to bring outpatient counseling opportunity to local schools in the area as part of the community mental health organization. I brought away from the experience, skills associated with helping parents navigate the mental health concerns and educational complexities associated with the Pennsylvania School System.

Specialized Family Therapy

Working with Families:

Certified to conduct a very specialized, evidenced based therapy known as Parent Child Interaction Therapy with the mental health organization I had been a part of. I do not carry the certification forward, however I carry the communication skills, behavioral interventions, and improved family processing skills developed as part of this exciting therapy. 

Behavioral Specialist/Mobile Therapist

Working with Kids and Families:

Experience meeting the client where they need assistance the most: Their home or school. Considered to be the next jump in therapeutic assistance. Behavior Specialist and Mobile Therapy provided invaluable experience working with families, understanding systemic stress, economic disparity, and educational interactions. I treasure the experience I developed working with the most wonderful clients, families, co-workers. 

Certified School Counselor

Certified K-12 Pennsylvania School Counselor. Internship and Practicum completed in public school setting. Experience with academic, interpersonal, testing, IEP, 504 and communication. I quickly made the evaluation that a school counselor position was not suited to my personality and therapeutic style.

Residential Treatment Facility

Working with Kids and Families:

Considered the Step below hospitalization or a step after hospitalization. RTF is considered the highest form (non-hospitalized) of intervention involved with mental health rehabilitation. I had the pleasure of working with a distinct population of diverse symptoms, personalities, and families.