5 Sessions for $300

Important Information


Designed in regulatory nature to protect all your health information.  Please be sure to read over the HIPAA related information before your first visit.  


The benefits outweigh the risks in terms of systemic counsel, however complete information will assist the therapist in determining nature of DX.  Many significant Medical DX mask themselves under emotional symptoms.  Please take care to answer all answers without reservation.  


As part of treatment, sensitive information will be shared at every session.  It is under my code of ethics, my professional expectation, and respect for your privacy that your information will remain confidential.  There are legal exceptions to Confidentiality that I will review in person.

Mandated Reporter

As a Pediatric and Adolescent counselor, I am routinely in professional contact with children.  As such, I have received extra training in the reporting and recognition of child abuse.  I am a mandated reporter and my goal is to ensure the well-being of the children I have contact with (as with all children).  

Counsel of Children of separated families

I have unique boundaries I set with families seeking assistance with separation and divorce.  I will only participate with families who have established court documents indicating parental rights.  Unless court documents indicate, I require both parents signature of approval for participation in counseling for children under the age of consent BEFORE your first appointment.