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General Symptoms


Bringing clarity to the process of the "Fight, Flight, Freeze", "D.A.B.D.A.", PTSD, and Maladjustment. 


Adjusting to a dramatic change in life can require professional assistance when that adjustment period disrupts normal function. Grieving the loss of a loved one, an unexpected relocation due to work, an unexpected change in identity are all precursors or "triggers" I have worked with in my office treatment. 

Uncontrolled crying, physically ill, shaking, tremors, twitching, hesitation to start an activity, stomach pains, school or work avoidance are all symptoms that have had a positive resolution in my office.






Mood Disorders

  • Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Adjustment, Seasonal Affective, etc.
  • Healthy Anxiety should not be disruptive to productivity. Sleeping all day is only healthy if you work or stay up all night. 
  • If you feel too depressed to move, too anxious to accomplish your goals, still fear something that has no reasonable ability to influence you or feel exceptionally low during certain seasons of the year it may be normal or an aspect of your life that can be changed for the positive. 
  • If your symptoms are beyond my ability to reasonably treat, an immediate referral with follow up will be made.
  • As always, please utilize the prescribed safety plan. Utilize the local county crisis line. Links accurate as of 4/2/18   -Allegheny County Crisis-   -Butler County Crisis
  • For a mental health emergency, it is imperative that you utilize the nearest emergency room, dial 911, or social support network.
  • A depressed - traumatized - starved brain is not healthy and has not conceived every available option when it comes to avoiding self-harm.

Occupation Burnout

Engaging in Therapy/Counseling/Psychotherapy with intent to reduce the perception of Burnout will reduce numerous symptoms of burnout.  A non-exhaustive list of possible symptoms of work burnout include: irritability, fatigue, sleeplessness, Sunday blues, depression, anxiety, aversion to work, lowered productivity, and low motivation. With a reasonable treatment plan, supportive counselor and an open mind you can rejoin the work force as someone who is "Working to live" rather than someone who is "Living to work ". 

Symptom: Kid Centered

Executive Functioning (ADHD)

Task management: from cleaning a bedroom to grade improvement in school.

Learn the emotional, behavioral and interactive process that makes it more likely for complicated tasks to be complete. 

Behavioral Concerns (Disruptive Behavior Disorders)

Very few things are more frustrating than feeling as though you are out of control with your children. Compliance with behavioral tasks at school, shopping, home, grandparents will improve substantially with techniques you learn here.

Learn to take Ownership for choices. This includes positive and negative choices. Learn to accept outcomes in more healthy and adaptable ways. 


Communication of emotional states is a learned skill. Practice and develop that ability with a trained counselor. 

Learn Positive Coping Skills to utilize when faced with challenging life obstacles.